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Future Focus Revisited

You know in Harry Potter when Harry conjures the Patronus because he'd seen his future self do it? Well, that's exactly what I want you to do – connect with your future self for guidance!


OK if your not a Harry Potter fan and have no idea what I'm talking about, this is what it might look like...


Present Me: "Hey Future Kristin, I see that you've lost all the weight and kept it off, how did you do it?"


Future Me: "Well hey there, first off, Girl let me tell you how much I love you, you have worked so hard to get me where I am today and I thank you for that. Secondly, I want you to know that you legit get here you lose all the weight and keep it off, it's as good as already done even right now, you just have to trust me"


Present Me: "OK, I can kinda picture it, but HOW...What did you do that I need to do to get there?"


Future Me: "Here's what you do............"


Your future self knows precisely what steps to take. Have a conversation with them, and they'll guide you through the process. They'll reassure you that your failures were essential steps on the path to success, teaching you valuable lessons. They'll also lend you their unwavering belief in yourself and provide the confidence you need to succeed.

You've got this! 

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