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Overcome the Natural Man and love the body God gave you.


Tired of feeling like you can't control yourself around food?

I can help you lose weight permanently and take back your power when it comes to food.  I spent so many years of my life trying to overcome the natural woman in me but ultimately giving in to my urges. I just thought that this is the way things are. Then I discovered coaching.  I discovered the powerful Spirit that God blessed me with and I began to listen to that spirit and actually let it take  control over how I treat my body.  

In this coaching program together we will decide what and how is the best way for you to think about food. We will explore how our spirits can be in charge of our bodies and how to love ourselves through the process. 

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 my sister, trying to make me feel better, made the comment "You're going to get so skinny." I'll be honest, I thought that would at least be a perk to losing my hair and feeling terrible for a year. But boy was she wrong. Not only did I not get super skinny, I put the 25lbs I had just lost back on, AND I gained another 30lbs through chemo and radiation.


 Anyone who tells you food can't make you feel better never had a double double and chocolate shake after being pumped full of nasty medicine! 

I spent the subsequent year after cancer just miserable and fat and trying to tell myself the food that made me feel better during cancer, was the answer to feeling better in general.


Fast forward to March 2020, I like many of you, spent the first few weeks of quarantine baking and eating my feelings. After the first 6lbs up I decided enough was  enough. I had already hired a life coach to help me in other areas of my life and thought, "hey, lets give weight loss a try."

That's when everything changed for me, I stopped being at the mercy of my cravings for lava cake, I took control of my relationship with food. I didn't even have to break up with chocolate permanently. 

I did it, and so can you! Want me to show you how?

Today I am down 47 lbs from when I completed my treatments and I've kept if off for almost 3 and half years. I still have lava cake and double doubles from time to time, but I do so intentionally and purposefully. I've let go of the negative self talk and I love this body God gave me.


I believe that part of the purpose of this earthly existence  is for us to learn how to overcome the natural (wo)man in us and use our higher self, the spiritual beings we are, to take control over the body, whose main goal is to seek pleasure, reduce effort and avoid pain at all costs. 

If you want to become your most evolved self and take control of your natural woman, let me teach you how. 

How is this different
than all the other
programs you've tried?


In this coaching program we don’t just focus on helping you lose weight. Together we look at the whole picture to get to the root cause of why you are struggling to reach your goals. My goal is to help you not only reach your weight loss goals but also achieve greater mental clarity and a be more in tune with your body and what it needs. We don't treat the symptom, we treat the cause. Giving you more power in your life to achieve the goals you have for yourself and make that change PERMANENT!  When you get to the root cause of the problem, you can achieve lasting change to live your life in the best, highest and most evolved way possible. 

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