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Hey there!


I'm Kristin, your number one fan and life coach! Buckle up for an exciting ride as we embark on a transformational journey together.  Aside from being a loving wife, mom, and grandma, I proudly wear the badge of honor as a breast cancer survivor.  You can catch me belting out Taylor Swift tunes like nobody's business and enjoying the occasional gelato.  I'm constantly hungry for learning and new experiences.  I'm the ultimate Jack of all trades, ready to tackle anything that comes my way.  My unwavering faith as a disciple of Jesus Christ keeps me on the path of truth-seeking and serving my fellow humans.  So, are you ready to join me in this thrilling adventure where faith, self-awareness, and an unshakable sense of purpose collide to create a life you've always dreamt of? Let's make your life an extraordinary masterpiece together!

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