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Why Losing Weight is So Hard

As soon as you start restricting food your body will go into protest mode.

Your body wants to maintain homeostasis.

Your brain goes into dopamine withdrawal. Your body goes into glucose withdrawal.

Your body is resistant to tap into its fat stores, so it increases its demanding hunger.

You will experience negative physical symptoms and emotions.

When you stop buffering with food, however, everything comes to the surface.

But we have to eat!

Here is what you HAVE to eat, this and no more-Vegetables, Meat or beans, Fat, Water.

This list is your minimum requirement for food.

Everything else is optional.

When you say you have to eat, this list is exactly what you are referring to.

Now, I’m not saying this is YOUR list of what you

can eat, it’s just the list of foods our bodies require to stay functioning.

You don’t have to give anything up. I

just want you to eat according to your predetermined

protocol and when you are making an exception, plan it 24 hours in advance.


As you stick to your protocol, you will reinforce the new neural pathways you’re developing and over time, this will become your new normal and will become easier and easier.

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