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The Tools Applied

We have learned so many new concepts throughout the course of this program. The beautiful thing about the tools we have learned is that we can apply them across so many situations that we are confronted with in all aspects of life.  We have learned that our thoughts are what create our emotions. So just like the thought "I just want a treat" makes us feel desire, the thought "I have so much to do" can make us feel overwhelmed. We've seen that as we apply this tool to understand that we over eat because of the feeling of desire, we often create emotions that are not useful because of the thoughts we think.

Gaining awareness around our thoughts and understanding that thoughts create our feelings, which then drive our actions. The action we take creates the results in our lives. All of the results we have can be traced back to the thoughts we think.

What other areas of your life have you applied these tools in? Have they been helpful? Still confused as to how to apply these tools in other areas? Bring a problem your having to our coaching call this week and lets practice it together!

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