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Embracing Discomfort

Let’s try something….. Can you feel excited in this moment?


Pause for a minute and see if you can generate some excitement.


Were you able to do it? What did you need to DO, to feel excitement? How were you able to access that emotion? I’ll tell you the magic behind it all. You thought a thought that generated excitement, simple as that. I’m feeling it right now as I write this email. Just because I introduced the idea of feeling excited to my brain through my thoughts,

now I’m feeling this awesome feeling. 


When we can recognize that the feelings we feel come from the thoughts we think and not the circumstances of our lives, we gain so much power and can gain access the feelings we want to feel, and also recognize that we are not in danger when a negative emotions come up.


So as we step into this process of trying to lose weight or healing our relationship with food, we will need to begin to allow for all the emotions that come up along this journey. Emotions are not scary or harmful, they are just vibrations inside our bodies created by chemicals released from our brains in response to thoughts. 


So this week, lets really step into allowing emotions, all of them, the positive ones and

the negative ones! See how you can use this practice to take control in your life.

It really is amazing! 

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