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You know that part of our brain called the amygdala, or the primitive brain?

Well, it's always thinking about three things:

  1. Making things easier.

  2. Avoiding discomfort.

  3. Seeking pleasure.

Today, we're all about the third one. 

When we do stuff that gives us pleasure, our brains release a chemical called dopamine. Our brains are like, "Wow, this is awesome, and it will for sure keep us alive!" Even when we eat, our brain does this dopamine thing. But here's the twist: it depends on what you eat.

Fancy, sugary, or highly processed foods give you a big dopamine boost compared to good ol' natural stuff. The catch is, if we keep munching on those high-dopamine foods, our brain gets used to it. So, we need more and more of the sugary stuff to feel the same joy.

Be mindful of how you feel when you eat. Are you using food to chase dopamine that fires the pleasure center of your brain? Let's chat about it at our next session!

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