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Little Quits vs. Big Wins

5 minutes of stretching

Skipping the last 5 bites

1 minute of meditation

5000 steps

Drinking 8 more oz of water

No phone before 8:00am

Wash face before bed

Skipping the soda run

All of these things are small things, right? Super easy to do, but also super easy NOT to do. Why are these things important though? These little actions we take every day add up. Much like compound interest, if we can add all these little things up, these "little wins" if you will, at the end of a year being consistent we have "BIG WINS." Conversely those little things NOT done, or "little quits" add up to become "BIG QUITS."

If we have things we want to improve up on, we have to trade the instant reward for the compound reward. Daily choices that seem insignificant are what add up to our ultimate result. In the book Atomic Habits, James Clear shares the 1% Better every day effect. If you can improve just 1% better each day, you'll end up 37 times better after one year.

You probably won't get that big sense of accomplishment from these small choices, but over time those choices add up. We become who we want to become as are more deliberate about the things we do vs. just doing what feels good in the moment.

So what are the things your choosing to do or not do that will help you become who you desire, or to help you achieve what you want?

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