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My Stuart Smalley Moment

I'm good enough

I'm smart enough

and doggone it

People like me

If you grew up as a teen in the 90's you may remember this from the Saturday Night Live skit. Stuart was a wannabe self-help guru, sitting in front of a mirror, giving himself the most absurd yet oddly sincere pep talks. He was poking fun at the cheesy affirmations and motivational speeches that were gaining in popularity at the time. Back then I thought it was just funny, and it honestly still is, however, I have shifted my thinking about all that happy self talk mumbo jumbo. In fact, I've actually embraced Stuarts example and have even found my self having a pep talk with my reflection in the mirror. My affirmations may be a little different but the idea behind them is the same. I use this time with me to remind myself that I can create the life I desire by believing what I want to about myself.

I don't often have a convo with mirror Kristin, most of the time, I just write down my daily affirmations as a way to remind me of what I desire most and to keep those things in the forefront of my mind. Some are spiritually minded, others are more temporal. They look a little like this....

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and He is the center of my thoughts and actions.

I am kind, loving and desire to serve all of God's children.

I give freely of my time talents and substance to build the kingdom of God.

I am a successful life coach and business owner.

The universe is conspiring in my favor.

I have the belief that as we focus on growth and becoming better, whether it's through daily pep talks in the mirror Stuart Smalley style or writing down what we hope to become in a journal eventually those affirmations become WHO WE ARE!

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