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Blog #470 and Being an Over-Sharer

I had a blog, did you know this? For over 7 years and a grand total of 469 blog posts I shared about my life and my family. Blogging for me was a place for me to get my thoughts and feelings out as well as keep friends and family up to date on the happenings of my life. I like to think it

was a place for people to come to get ideas or recipes, party planning and photography but also a place where I could share about the difficulties I faced of raising kids and how I coped with the challenges of life. My husband would say I'm an over-sharer. For many years I used to think that was a bad thing, and I would try my best NOT to share with others about my life. day...... I decided that my "sharing" was actually a super power. Because I'm willing to share about my faults and struggles, people can come to me and feel open and connected. The online world is full of people who are willing to show your their triumphs and successes, which can lead us to feel less than or inadequate in some way. So today, I'M BACK in the blogging world, to open and share about the things I'm learning, some stuff I know and a lot that I don't, the things the help me and inspire me, the joy and sadness, the pain and pleasures of life. This will be a place that is safe and all are welcome here. So come on in and pull up a chair, to a window into the mind and soul of Kristin. I use way too many exclamation points and grammatical errors are for sure going to happen, you'll laugh with me, and maybe be embarrassed for me, I'll do my best to make all who come to feel like this is the place for help and understanding! LET'S DO THIS!!!

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